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Friendships Bloom at Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfasts: The Bond of Shared Adventures

Staying at a bed and breakfast is more than just securing a place to rest your head; it’s stepping into a charming, intimate world where connections blossom and friendships emerge magically. With five or fewer rooms, many B&Bs are uniquely positioned to offer guests a warm, personal experience. For the owners, there’s nothing more delightful than witnessing the joy that arises when strangers share stories and laughter, often becoming lifelong friends.

In fact, many of our B&Bs host groups who met as strangers during their first stay but have since built cherished bonds, returning annually to explore new places and discover more hidden gems in the Finger Lakes. Others are groups of old friends reliving hometown memories after many years away.

Creating a Memorable Getaway with Friends

Take some inspiration from these itinerary ideas for a Finger Lakes adventure with friends…

Multi-Day Itinerary in the Finger Lakes: Creating Memories with Friends

Day 1: Arrival and Wine Tasting

  • Afternoon: Begin your adventure by checking into Sunrise Landing Bed & Breakfast, a peaceful retreat nestled near the Seneca Lake. Relax and unwind with your friends in this welcoming community.
  • Late Afternoon: Visit Fox Run Vineyards for a wine-tasting session, immersing yourselves in the local flavors and the passionate care of the vineyard staff.
  • Evening: Enjoy dinner at Sapalta, savoring dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

Day 2: Hiking and Sailing

  • Morning: After a homemade breakfast at the B&B, set off for a hike at Watkins Glen State Park, famous for its breathtaking gorges and waterfalls.
  • Afternoon: Post-hike, refuel with an early dinner at Graft Wine and Cider Bar, which specializes in local farm-to-table fare.
  • Sunset: End your day with a serene evening sail on Schooner True Love, watching the sunset over Seneca Lake.

Day 3: Exploring Canandaigua

  • Morning: Travel to Canandaigua Lake, checking into the Canandaigua Guest House or another lovely local lodging if it’s fully booked.
  • Afternoon: Stop at Seneca Falls to visit the Women’s Rights National Historical Park or explore the lakefront and the Finger Lakes Welcome Center in Geneva.
    • Women’s Rights National Historical Park: Learn more
  • Evening: Stroll into downtown Canandaigua for dinner. Afterwards, enjoy a leisurely walk by the lake, possibly catching local music at nearby venues.

Day 4: Gardens, History, and Music

  • Daytime: Visit Sonnenberg Gardens or the Granger Homestead and Carriage Museum to tour beautifully preserved estates and learn about their historical significance.
  • Afternoon and Evening: Experience local brews and live music at Hollerhorn Distilling, Lincoln Hill Farms, or Peacemaker Brewing Company. Consider a night out at CMAC for top-tier musical performances; book your tickets and lodging early.

Day 5: Departure or Extended Exploration

  • Morning: Depending on your travel plans, consider visiting Letchworth State Park, the Corning Museum of Glass, or Genesee Country Village and Museum on your way home.

This itinerary offers a blend of relaxation, cultural immersion, and adventure, ensuring that every day spent in the Finger Lakes is memorable and filled with the caring touch of the local community. Enjoy the diversity of experiences, from serene lake views to the rich history and vibrant music scenes of the area.

Exploring The Finger Lakes’ Best

Wineries, Breweries, and More:

Hollerhorn Distillery: Discover handcrafted spirits with a local twist at this rustic distillery, where live music and culinary delights accompany your tasting.

Star Cidery: Sip small-batch ciders in a cozy, friendly environment, enjoying creative blends that capture the region’s apple harvest flavors.

Blackduck Cidery: Experience farm-to-bottle cider crafted with heritage apples and traditional methods, providing a unique taste of Cayuga Lake.

Finger Lakes Cider House: Savor diverse ciders from local makers in this welcoming, family-run tasting room overlooking scenic Cayuga Lake.

Montezuma Winery & Hidden Marsh Distillery: Indulge in award-winning wines and artisanal spirits while learning about their conservation efforts at this distinctive spot.

Myer Farm Distillers: Sample organic grain-to-glass spirits with bold flavors, born from heritage farming practices and artisanal craftsmanship.

Antler Run Distilling: Enjoy small-batch spirits created with locally-sourced ingredients in this charming distillery nestled by Keuka Lake.

Cider Creek: Dive into artisanal ciders blending traditional techniques with innovative flavors, served in a vibrant taproom near Keuka Lake.

Krooked Tusker Distillery: Delight in spirits with bold, handcrafted flavors in this intimate, farm-based distillery featuring beautiful lake views.

Finger Lakes Distilling: Taste an array of handcrafted spirits, including whiskey and gin, at this charming Seneca Lake distillery with spectacular views.

Six Mile Creek Vineyard & Distillery: Sip wines and spirits crafted from estate-grown grapes in a tranquil vineyard setting overlooking Ithaca’s hills.

Boat Rentals and Lakeside Bliss:

Captain Bill’s: Cruise Seneca Lake in style with scenic tours and charters, offering picturesque views and a relaxing atmosphere aboard Captain Bill’s vessels.

True Love Schooner: Sail on the iconic schooner from “High Society,” reliving old Hollywood glamour as you glide across Seneca Lake’s serene waters.

Seager Marine: Rent boats or book fishing charters with Seager Marine, the perfect way to explore Canandaigua Lake’s sparkling beauty.

Pat II: Journey on this classic wooden boat for a nostalgic, intimate cruise around the pristine waters of Keuka Lake.

Discover the Romance of Spring in the Finger Lakes: A Journey of Passionate Explorations

Discover the Romance of Spring in the Finger Lakes: A Journey of Passionate Explorations

Springtime in the Finger Lakes region is a mosaic of vibrant life, budding passions, and rejuvenating experiences. As the frost recedes and the lush landscapes awaken, it’s a perfect time to surprise your partner with an escape that intertwines romance with the natural beauty and exhilarating adventures this area has to offer. Whether your love language speaks in thrilling escapades or serene moments of relaxation, the Finger Lakes has a palette broad enough to color every couple’s dream getaway.

Enchanting Events and Adventures Await

Lilac Festival in Rochester

Begin your journey with the enchanting aroma of lilacs at Rochester’s famed Lilac Festival. This event is not just about the flowers; it’s a celebration of spring’s arrival, featuring music, art, and culinary delights amidst the largest collection of lilacs in the United States.

Experience the enchanting Lilac Festival in Rochester, celebrating spring with music, art, and culinary delights among lilacs.
Experience the enchanting Lilac Festival in Rochester, celebrating spring with music, art, and culinary delights among lilacs.

Letchworth State Park Adventures

Hot Air Balloon Festival: Elevate your love to new heights at the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Witness or ride in a kaleidoscope of hot air balloons ascending into the sky, offering breathtaking views of what is known as the “Grand Canyon of the East.”

White Water Rafting: For the couples craving a dash of adrenaline, white water rafting through the rapids of the Genesee River promises an unforgettable adventure.

Elevate your love at Letchworth's Hot Air Balloon Festival, with stunning views from above the "Grand Canyon of the East."
Elevate your love at Letchworth’s Hot Air Balloon Festival, with stunning views from above the “Grand Canyon of the East.”

Set Sail with Daydream Sailing

Learn the ropes together or simply relax aboard with Daydream Sailing. It’s a perfect blend of leisure and discovery, with the tranquil waters of the Finger Lakes providing a stunning backdrop.

Learn to sail or relax on tranquil waters with Daydream Sailing in the Finger Lakes, blending leisure with discovery.
Learn to sail or relax on tranquil waters with Daydream Sailing in the Finger Lakes, blending leisure with discovery.

Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures and Zipline

Add a dose of excitement with Bristol Mountain’s aerial challenges and zipline courses. Navigate through the treetops and soar over the breathtaking landscapes, hand in hand with your partner.

Soar hand in hand over breathtaking landscapes at Bristol Mountain's thrilling aerial adventures and zipline courses.
Soar hand in hand over breathtaking landscapes at Bristol Mountain’s thrilling aerial adventures and zipline courses.

Culinary Delights at New York Kitchen

For the foodie couples, indulge in wine and cooking classes at New York Kitchen. It’s an opportunity to bond over the creation of delicious meals and the tasting of exquisite local wines, turning flavors into memories.

Bond and indulge in culinary delights with wine and cooking classes at New York Kitchen, creating lasting memories.
Bond and indulge in culinary delights with wine and cooking classes at New York Kitchen, creating lasting memories.

An Example Romantic Itinerary for a Perfect Stay

Crafting the perfect romantic getaway requires a blend of serene relaxation, intimate moments, and shared adventures, all set against a backdrop of natural beauty and culinary excellence. The Inn at Gothic Eves and The Acorn Inn, nestled in the picturesque Finger Lakes region, offer just that—a meticulously curated experience that promises to deepen bonds and create lasting memories. From the moment you arrive, indulging in a couples’ treatment to set the tone for your retreat, to the leisurely day on the lake that marks the tranquil finale of your journey, every detail is thoughtfully chosen to foster connection and celebrate love. Wander through local vineyards, challenge yourselves with aerial adventures, and savor the flavors of the region’s renowned culinary scene. This itinerary not only highlights the best of the Finger Lakes but also creates a canvas for couples to paint their unforgettable romantic escapade.

Inn at Gothic Eves Experience:

    • Arrival Day: Ease into your romantic retreat with a couple’s treatment, setting a tone of relaxation. Explore local vineyards to find your new favorite wine, and conclude your day with a reserved table at the cozy Hazelnut Kitchen.
    • Day 2: Immerse yourselves in the beauty of Taughannock Falls State Park with a hike, enjoy the local culture with a comedy show or music event, and sip on some wine to unwind.

Day 3 & 4 at The Acorn Inn:

    • Day 3: Journey to Canandaigua Lake and check into The Acorn Inn. Dare to try an Aerial Adventure at Bristol Mountain and later, explore Canandaigua’s culinary scene, a hotspot for food enthusiasts.
    • Day 4: Rent a boat for a leisurely day on the lake, pack a romantic picnic, and bring along some books for a tranquil finale to your getaway.

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The Finger Lakes region offers a symphony of experiences, from the thrill of adventure to the serenity of nature and the joy of culinary explorations. This spring, embark on a journey that not only celebrates the season but also the unique bond you share with your partner. Rediscover love amidst the awakening foliage, and let the Finger Lakes be the backdrop to your unforgettable romance.

Water path to Seneca Lake from Glenora Falls. Spring scene in Finger Lakes region, New York

The Charm of Early Spring in the Finger Lakes: A Guide to Unforgettable Activities

As winter’s chill begins to thaw, the Finger Lakes region of New York awakens with a vibrant array of early spring activities, promising an unforgettable getaway for those eager to explore its natural beauty and cultural offerings. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, the Finger Lakes, in early spring, offers an enchanting escape from the everyday. From savory culinary events to serene nature hikes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s your guide to making the most of this magical season. Remember, summer and fall are peak seasons for weddings in this picturesque locale. Planning your visit now ensures that you can stay at your first-choice Finger Lakes bed and breakfast.

Bacon On the Lakein

Start your spring adventure with a sizzle at Bacon On the Lakein, a unique culinary event that takes place on March 9, 2024. This tantalizing tour along the Cayuga Wine Trail invites you to sample delicious bacon-infused dishes paired with exquisite local wines. It’s a perfect opportunity for foodies and wine enthusiasts alike to indulge in the rich flavors of the region. For details and tickets, visit Cayuga Wine Trail.

Tip: Magnolia Place pairs well with Bacon On the Lakein

March Maple Syrup

Embrace the sweet side of spring at the Maple Weekends event. Throughout March, local maple syrup producers open their doors to visitors, offering a firsthand look at the syrup-making process, from tapping the trees to boiling the sap. Taste the freshest maple syrup and discover maple products that make perfect souvenirs. Plan your visit at Visit Finger Lakes.

Tip: Yorkshire Inn Pairs well with Maple weekend at Embers

Nature Hikes

As the landscape reblooms, the Finger Lakes trails become a haven for nature lovers. Embark on scenic hikes through lush forests and along serene lakeshores. Witness the awakening of local flora and fauna, a truly revitalizing experience for the soul. Check with your B&B host for recommendations on local trail options.

Wine and Food Couples Classes

Enhance your culinary skills and deepen your relationship with wine and food couples classes at the New York Kitchen. These intimate sessions offer couples the chance to learn together, creating delicious dishes and pairing them with the perfect wines. A delightful way to spend an afternoon, these classes are a must-do for couples seeking a unique and romantic experience. Visit NY Kitchen for class schedules.

Tip: Oliver Phelps Bed and Breakfast pairs well with NY Kitchen Classes

Solar Eclipse

Mark your calendars for a celestial spectacle! The Finger Lakes region will offer prime viewing for the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. This rare event is an awe-inspiring reminder of nature’s grandeur, making it a must-see for both astronomy buffs and casual observers alike. For more information, visit Rochester Eclipse 2024.

Wine Tastings

No visit to the Finger Lakes would be complete without exploring its renowned wineries. Spring is an ideal time for wine tastings, as the vineyards come to life and the new season’s vintages are unveiled. Savor the variety of wines produced in this fertile region, known for its Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and more.

Horseback Riding

Experience the scenic beauty of the Finger Lakes from a new perspective—on horseback. Numerous trails and equestrian centers throughout the region offer horseback riding adventures for all skill levels. Check with your B&B host for recommendations on local trail riding options.

Rochester Lilac Festival

Celebrate the arrival of spring at the Rochester Lilac Festival, a fragrant and colorful event showcasing the largest collection of lilacs in the United States. Enjoy live music, art, and culinary delights in the heart of Rochester. For festival dates and details, visit I Love NY.

Planning A Wedding In The Finger Lakes Area? Book Early for the Best Experience!

As the Finger Lakes region gears up for the busy summer and fall wedding season, accommodations can fill up quickly. Planning your spring getaway now ensures that you secure your stay at your preferred bed and breakfast, allowing you to relax and look forward to an unforgettable visit filled with beauty, adventure, and relaxation.

Whether you’re drawn to the culinary delights, natural beauty, or cultural events, the Finger Lakes in early spring offers a plethora of experiences that promise to make your stay memorable. Book your getaway today and prepare to be enchanted by the unique charm of this stunning New York destination.

Elegant fine dining in the Finger Lakes, NY, with two glasses of red wine, roses, and candles, set against a warm, glowing waterfront backdrop.

Celebrating Love and Friendship in the Finger Lakes: A Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day Guide

Valentine’s Day, a time for romance, and Galentine’s Day, a celebration of female friendship, both offer the perfect opportunity to explore the scenic and serene Finger Lakes region of New York State. This picturesque area, known for its sprawling vineyards, serene lakes, and charming towns, provides a perfect backdrop for romantic getaways and fun-filled friend excursions. Here’s how to make the most of your Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day in the Finger Lakes.

Our Facebook and Instagram pages are great resources for finding Finger Lakes events!

Gift certificates are a great Valentine’s gift for a future romantic weekend if you are unable to getaway now.

For the Lovebirds: Romantic Valentine’s Day Escapades

Wine Tasting Tours

The Finger Lakes is synonymous with exceptional wineries. Spend a day meandering through the rolling hills, stopping at various vineyards. Sample some of the best Rieslings and Chardonnays the region offers, and maybe even find a new favorite to take home. Many wineries also offer special Valentine’s Day tastings with chocolate pairings, making for a sweet and romantic experience.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

The William Smith Inn pairs nicely with a Valentine’s Dine at Fox Run Vineyards.

The Brindle an Blonde pairs well with the Naples event Vintage Vines and Valentines, which has a community commitment renewal of vows ceremony.

And check out our round-up of our favorite local wine trails.

Cozy Bed and Breakfast Stays

Nothing says romance like a cozy stay at a charming bed and breakfast. The region boasts a variety of B&Bs, each with its own unique character. Wake up to stunning lake views and enjoy a homemade breakfast, the perfect start to a day of exploring or simply relaxing together.

Romantic Dining

The Finger Lakes region caters to all tastes, from fine dining to cozy cafes. Indulge in a candlelit dinner featuring locally sourced ingredients and exquisite regional wines. Many restaurants offer special menus for Valentine’s Day, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Scenic Walks and Hikes

The Finger Lakes offers numerous trails and state parks for outdoor-loving couples. Take a leisurely walk along the lakeshores or embark on a more adventurous hike. Often blanketed in snow, the winter landscape adds a magical touch to your outdoor adventures.

For the Gal Pals: Galentine’s Day Fun

Spa Retreats

Gather your girlfriends for a day of pampering at one of the many spas in the Finger Lakes. It’s a great way to relax and bond, from massages to facials. Some spas even offer special Galentine’s packages, making it an even more enticing option.

Boutique Shopping

The Finger Lakes is home to numerous quaint boutiques and artisan shops. Spend the day browsing unique gifts, handcrafted jewelry, and local art. It’s a great way to support local businesses and find one-of-a-kind items.

Group Wine Tasting

Like romantic tours, a group wine tasting can be a delightful celebration of friendship. Laugh, chat, and savor the flavors of the region together. Many wineries are accommodating to groups and may offer special experiences upon request.

Adventure Activities

Consider snowshoeing, skiing, or ice skating for a more adventurous Galentine’s Day. The Finger Lakes region offers numerous opportunities for winter sports, making it a perfect destination for friends who seek a bit of adrenaline alongside their bonding.

Here are some ideas to get your imagination enticed…

The Purple Painted Lady Galentines Event pairs well with Oliver Phelps B&B.

The Point of the Bluff Galentines Celebration pairs well with Aubergine B&B.

The Best of Both Worlds

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, the Finger Lakes region offers many options catering to romantic and friendly bonds. Enjoy the stunning natural beauty, indulge in local delights, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether strolling through vineyards, dining by candlelight, or laughing over a glass of wine with friends, the Finger Lakes in February is a destination not to be missed.

Midweek Magic in the Finger Lakes

We’re letting you in on a well-kept secret — midweek is a great time to plan a visit to the Finger Lakes! From quieter towns and less-populated hiking trails and venues, it’s a great time to take advantage of not only the great sights, dining, and events, but bed and breakfasts often make it worth your while to plan a visit during the week. You’ll often find booking discounts for multiple rooms, deals for multiple nights, and more – call your preferred B & B to find out how they can help you plan for a great experience in the Finger Lakes, any day of the week!

Wondering what there is to do during the week in the Finger Lakes? More than you might realize. From excellent concert and live music line ups, food tours, and more, explore the area’s best-loved attractions at a leisurely pace, taking advantage of uncrowded vineyards and quiet nature trails.

Spring Concerts in the Finger Lakes

From midweek music meet ups in Geneva to open mic and jam nights in Canandaigua, the Finger Lakes spring music scene is anything but sleepy. Monday through Thursday can be some of the best times to check out new and local artists at charming venues that are normally standing room only.

Enjoy the extra elbow room and more intimate settings in a variety of locations, like local brewing companies with craft brews and wineries with award-winning wines (and views) throughout the Finger Lakes. Catch an eclectic mix of genres and local talent at various venues across the region like the famed Smith Opera House in Geneva, which showcases a diverse lineup of artists, from singer-songwriters to jazz ensembles, in its charming historic setting.

Stay at centrally-located The William Smith Inn Bed and Breakfast in Geneva to have easy access to local live music venues, award-winning wineries, and more. This cozy, beautifully restored Italianate home features all the modern amenities you could ask for such as complimentary Wi-Fi, plush bedding, and en-suite bathrooms, and full, gourmet breakfast each day.

Things to Do During the Week in the Finger Lakes

The weekends aren’t the only time the Finger Lakes make a diverting getaway. From concerts and art shows to fine dining deals and more, Monday through Thursday has never been more fun. Stop by the must-visit Seneca Lake Wine Trail during its less busy days to fully experience the robust, vibrant vintages and memorable lake views. Watkins Glen State Park attracts visitors from all over the region, and its trails can be busy even on off-season weekends. Enjoy the quieter, more relaxed atmosphere mid week that make Watkins Glen a favorite with locals and visitors alike. Quieter midweek days also mean attractions like the Corning Museum of Glass and Sonnenberg Gardens are more accessible, and more enjoyable than ever.

Unwind at The Cupola Above Seneca to explore nearby attractions like Watkins Glen and the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. With Keuka Lake and Cayuga Lake wine and beer trails also an easy drive away, the options to enjoy first class wine, craft beer, and delicious dining are easier than ever. Surrounded by views of Seneca Lake, Finger Lakes National Forest, and hillside vineyards, the ambiance at the Cupola invites away-from-it-all ease with sumptuous amenities and generous, house-made breakfast.

Booking Discounts Mid-week, or Multiple Nights

A midweek Finger Lakes getaway offers a variety of benefits, particularly when you stay at one of the region’s charming bed and breakfasts. During the week, you’ll find exclusive booking discounts and special offers that can make your vacation as affordable as it is enjoyable. Many Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfasts feature enticing package deals when you book multiple rooms, or multiple nights, which can include perks like complimentary wine tastings, spa treatments, or even romantic dinners at local restaurants.

As a midweek traveler, you’ll also enjoy personalized attention from bed and breakfast owners and staff, who can provide tailored recommendations for things to do in the Finger Lakes, as well as insight into the hidden gems and under-the-radar sights to help you make the most of your precious getaway. Reduced weekday demand also means you’ll have better access to popular destinations without the crowds, allowing a more relaxing and laid back experience. From vineyard tours and hiking trips to museum visits and gourmet dining, booking a bed and breakfast midweek in the Finger Lakes New York promises a memorable, value-packed vacation that won’t break the bank.

Call any number of luxurious Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfasts for up to 5-20% off midweek bookings, or additional discounts for booking 2 or more days.


Tag us at @flbba on Instagram if you visit any of our favorite Finger Lakes spots! Let the Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfast Association guide you to the perfect spring retreat. While we have highlighted a few excellent options above, FLBBA boasts a comprehensive list of independent inns across the Finger Lakes. The members of FLBBA abide by a list of high standards set by the organization, so you can confidently plan the perfect getaway today.


Beat the Winter Blues in the Finger Lakes

Grey skies got you down? It’s easy to beat the winter blues rut with a routine-busting trip to the Finger Lakes in February and March. With plenty of fun things to do, delicious things to eat, and fantastic wines and beverages to try, you’ll find the perfect way to refresh and hit reset on 2023 in the Finger Lakes this season.

Find your way to fantastic food and wine pairings, just perfect for a romantic Valentine’s getaway, or strap into your ski boots for a late-season powder session sure to readjust your outlook. Cozy fireplaces, friendly coffee shops, and gorgeous vistas await!

Valentine Experiences 

Valentine and Wine pairings

Whisk your main squeeze off to a memorable weekend getaway in the Finger Lakes — Naples’ Vintage Vines and Valentines is back this year, celebrating sweethearts young and old with a weekend full of seasonal events like wine and spirit tastings, champagne, vow renewals, delicious meal deals, and more.

Need some facetime with your closest people? Recruit  your best friends for a fabulous time exploring chocolate and wine weekend at Seneca Lake, or settle in at a cozy bed and breakfast to explore the unique shopping and cozy atmosphere of the Finger Lakes in the winter.

Find the perfect place for everyone to unwind at Chapman House Bed and Breakfast. Located in Geneva on the northern coast of Seneca Lake, you can explore all the wine and chocolate experiences that await, and relax in the cozy atmosphere that’s all its own at Chapman House.  Plus, enjoy winter rates that still get you walking distance to the lake, gorgeous views, and modern amenities. 

March Maple Weekends

Maple syrup season is almost here- and we can’t imagine a better place to experience it than in the Finger Lakes. The perfect excuse to stock up for pancakes and more, you’ll see a side to syrup you’ve never experienced before. The area’s annual  Maple Weekend events invite you to taste different varieties, look behind the scenes, and immerse yourself in the sweet world of syrup.

Head to Timber Trails Forest Farm to tour the scenic facilities and learn about traditional wood-fired methods for making maple syrup. Taste the range of flavors and grades of the different syrups available from Kettle Ridge Farm, or head to Acmme Farms for Syrup A’LaRue for a family maple syrup farm experience.

Canandaigua’s Cobblestone Cottage makes an ideal getaway that feels worlds away, while keeping you close to the area’s most-loved attractions. Right on the shores of Lake Canandaigua,  Canandaigua Cobblestone Cottage Bed & Breakfast is the chicest farmhouse you’ll experience, complete with luxurious full breakfasts and world class hospitality from local proprietors, Tammy and Dave.

Still Time for Snow Sports 

Swinging onto the slopes has never been easier when you stay in the Finger Lakes. With plenty of cozy accommodations minutes from the lifts, you won’t have to set the alarm before dawn to experience that first chair feeling or the exhilaration of fresh tracks. Whether you choose the unforgettable runs of  Bristol Mountain or the perfect corduroy and cross country skiing or snowshoeing at Greek Peak, you’ll spend less time on the road and more time in the awe-inspiring elements. And that’s what we call a winter win/win.

Breakfast like a champion before hitting the slopes at The Brindle and Blonde Bed and Breakfast. Minutes from Bristol Mountain’s lifts, you can wake up, enjoy a leisurely morning meal and still be making tracks before the crowds. With charming rooms, a relaxing hot tub, and varieties of local wines and treats available, you can finish a perfect mountain day in style and comfort, too. 


Tag us at @flbba on Instagram if you visit any of our favorite Finger Lakes spots! Let the Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfast Association guide you to the perfect late winter retreat. While we have highlighted a few excellent options above, FLBBA boasts a comprehensive list of independent inns across the Finger Lakes. The members of FLBBA abide by a list of high standards set by the organization, so you can confidently plan the perfect getaway today.

Make the Most of the Holidays in the Finger Lakes

There’s nothing quite like the snowy magic of the holidays in the Finger Lakes. Known for inspiring the classic holiday movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, the town of Seneca Falls and the surrounding beauty of the area make it easy to see why film executives chose this area to create a memorable, festive feel for their timeless film.  

Beyond being simply beautiful and chock full of holiday charm, the Finger Lakes also offer a variety of things to do in the winter, from cross country skiing and winter-themed wine trails to artisan shopping and gourmet dining. 

Whether your idea of the holidays in the Finger Lakes is cozied up near a fire with a velvety cup of hot chocolate and good book, an exhilarating day on the slopes followed by a luxurious soak in a jetted hot tub, complete with a view of the lake, or somewhere in between, you’ll find an easy way to make it a reality this season. 

Finger Lakes Holiday Events and Festivals 

Seneca Lake Wine Trail’s  Deck the Halls combines two perennial holiday favorites – wine and Christmas ornaments! This annual weekend of fun invites you to explore nearly 30 different wineries, each with something unique to offer, while collecting festive souvenirs along the way. 

There’s no better place to get in the holiday spirit, since the small town Christmas charm comes out in full force in the Finger Lakes.  From dazzling holiday light displays and towering, twinkling trees, to breakfasts with Santa and Dickens Christmas experiences, Holiday markets, carolers, and so much more, if it says holidays to you, it’s happening in the Finger Lakes. 

Book a Bed and Breakfast for you and yours for the Holidays to experience all the Finger Lakes holiday fun! Whole house and whole property bed and breakfast bookings are a great way to explore one of our decked out small towns during the season. 

There is still time to call a B& B in the Finger Lakes to book the whole house, and make sure to ask if there is a whole house discount. Some B&B’s will also take well behaved children during a whole house booking with a damage charge deposit.  There are still a few whole house opportunities left, if you book soon. Check out a few of the choices below that offer whole-house bookings:

Glass Magnolia

The Chalet of Canandaigua

Bed and Breakfast at Oliver Phelps

Not sure where to stay? Choose a gift card — good at all Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfasts, you can gift a curated experience for your friends, family, and yourself! 

Outdoor Recreation 

Finger Lakes isn’t just for the indoorsy — with winter activities to match an abundance of styles, there’s a snowy pursuit for everyone. Check out snowshoeing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding at Bristol Mountain, a choice selection of scenic, snowy hikes, sledding, or holiday favorite ice skating. 

Anglers can even try their hand at ice fishing for perch, walleye, and trout depending on the lake and time of year.  

Stay at the 1795 Acorn Inn to live out your  Finger Lakes holiday fantasy. Its serene country setting in the scenic Bristol Valley helps you feel away from it all while still making it easy to access the region’s most appealing activities and delicious wining and dining choices. 

Shopping and More

From boutiques and cafes to the antiques malls and shopping districts in the area’s charming downtowns, there’s nothing quite like holiday shopping in the Finger Lakes. With local artists and artisans plying their wares everywhere from our small towns and communities like Naples and Canandaigua, to larger shopping malls and seasonal favorites like the Christkindl Market, you’re sure to find something unique and memorable for all the folks on your shopping list. And don’t forget to take home something special for yourself, as well! 

Celebrate your stay at the Canandaigua Cobblestone Cottage Bed and Breakfast. Close to unique shopping, wining and dining adventures like The New York Kitchen, and seasonal events, the festive atmosphere and attentive service will make your stay one to remember.  


Tag us at @flbba on Instagram if you visit any of our favorite holiday Finger Lakes destinations! Let the Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfast Association guide you to the perfect winter stay. While we have highlighted a few excellent options above, FLBBA boasts a comprehensive list of independent inns across the Finger Lakes. The members of FLBBA abide by a list of high standards set by the organization, so you can confidently plan the perfect getaway today.

3 Unforgettable October Activities in the Finger Lakes

However you like to experience the autumn, no matter if it’s spooky houses or the aromatic, cozy flavors of fresh-made apple cider, you’ll find something to suit your fall fancy in the Finger Lakes. While the turning leaves provide a striking background for picking the region’s in-season crops, like apples at their freshest, or roaming a meandering pumpkin patch for the perfect porch decoration, Finger Lakes fall activities are the quintessential seasonal experience. 

Pick the Perfect Apple 

You just can’t call it fall until you’ve picked apples in the Finger Lakes. From crisp and tart varieties for pie or juicy and sweet ready-to-eat treats right off the trees, the Finger Lakes orchards offer something for everyone. Decide whether you want to take off into the orchards yourself for a u-pick adventure to select the very best apples, like at Apple Barrel Orchards. Swing through a country store to pick up a bushel and some sweet cider for the road, or some mouthwatering apple cider donuts, still hot from the oven at Reisinger’s Apple Country. You’ll find a variety of options for all levels of apple enthusiasts, all available all over the region. 

Rest up at Los Gatos Bed and Breakfast in Penn Yan to be close to many of the region’s favorite apple picking spots. This charming B&B sits among sprawling gardens, and offers both quaint cabins and suites for guests. It makes the perfect spot to relax after taking in the gorgeous scenery and enjoying the apple orchards with its calming views and away-from-it-all feel. 

Haunted Halloween Events

However you like to Halloween, chances are you’ll find something that’s just your spooky speed in the Finger Lakes area. Activities in the area run the gamut from haunted park walks, like Sonnenberg Garden’s Haunted Stroll, to costumed beer yoga at the Other Half Brewery and ghost tours at some of the area’s most historic — and haunted — buildings. 

Make The Chalet of Canandaigua your nest while you explore the scary fun of the Finger Lakes. Nested in the woods near Canandaigua lake, The Chalet is a luxurious take on rustic with its cozy, rough-hewn log interior and relaxing amenities like full soaking tubs and king-sized beds. Calming walking trails and delectable 3-course breakfasts round out a wonderful Finger Lakes getaway.

Walk the Wine Trails 

Home of some of the oldest wine trails in the United States, the Finger Lakes wine trails are award winning for a reason. With three different wine trails to choose from — Cayuga, Seneca, and Keuka Lake, respectively — you’re sure to find a diverting, scenic, and delicious wine tasting excursion. Visit the area’s picturesque wineries and sample the unique flavors of wines featuring varieties like aromatic rieslings and silky pinot noirs. Each wine trail also hosts events and tastings to help you appreciate the characteristic flavors of the area. 

Find a home away from home at the Filigree Inn Bed and Breakfast while you explore Finger Lakes wine country. Offering Finger Lakes Wine Tour Packages, combine your stay with a wine tour to save on your getaway and experience more that the area has to offer. The Filigree is also set on a large estate perfect for watching the colors turn and enjoying a private getaway in wine country. 

 Welcome Back the Christkindl Market

A fall fixture in the area for over a decade, COVID closed this holiday craft show for 2 years, but it’s making a joyful return this season. Featuring craftsmen and vendors from all over the Finger Lakes, the Christkindl Market is housed at the historic Granger Museum and Carriage House, giving this event an even more festive feel. Find unique gifts, the season’s first photos with Santa, and more as the market plans its joyful reopening event. 

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6 Reasons to Plan a Memorable Fall Vacation

Looking for a unique way to get out and experience all the autumn season has to offer? Book a stay in the Finger Lakes for an unforgettable fall trip. Combined with crisp temperatures, mouthwatering local food and drink, exceptional fall colors, and a variety of unforgettable and seasonally-scary experiences to try, you might make fall and Halloween in the Finger Lakes a new tradition. 

Sunflower Fields and Favorite Fall Flavors

If you head to the Finger Lakes in early fall, you’re likely to enjoy an eye-catching sight, and realize there’s nothing quite like seeing the Finger Lakes sunflower fields in full bloom. Take in their bright, towering faces at family farms around the region.

North of Canandaigua, you’ll find quaint farms like Sunflower Field off of Clover, Durgin Family Farm, and Daniel Thorn Farm filled with yellow blooms. East of Rochester lies Wickham Farms’ memorable Sunflower Spectacular. Farther north, the Sunflowers of Sanborn host fall events and activities, along with fields and fields of fantastic sunflowers.  

No fall trip would be complete without at least a few apples fresh from the tree. Drop in to Apple Barrel Orchards to pick your own favorite varieties, or pass through the farm store to take home a quintessential taste of the country. 

As fall begins in earnest, the Naples Grape Festival offers a diverting tradition packed with fun for everyone — like grape stomping, parades, carnivals, food and wine tasting, and a truly one-of-a-kind atmosphere. With events beginning September 16th and concluding September 25th, you won’t regret finding time for this on your next Finger Lakes trip. 

Make the Bella Rose Bed and Breakfast your home base as you explore the region’s fall favorites. Cozy up in this classic Victorian home complete with modern luxuries and relaxing amenities. Known for their decadent 3-course breakfasts and charming hospitality, the Bella Rose makes a convenient Finger Lakes headquarters to explore everything from wineries and pumpkin patches, to corn mazes and sunflower fields. 

Get Your Fill of Ghosts in Naples 

Brush ghoulish shoulders with some supernatural situations during a perfect fall dinner at the The Naples Hotel — rumored to house more than its share of spirits and ghosts from its 1895 origins. Named after one of these spirits, newly-renovated Topper’s bar provides the perfect ambiance to explore the hotel’s spooky history, while enjoying some first class dining and expertly-crafted cocktails. 

After dinner, head to nearby Sonnenberg Gardens for their Haunted Garden Stroll. Complete with scary stories and spooky characters wandering the trails in the gathering dark, you can explore the beauty of the gardens with this one-of-a-kind Halloween twist. 

Return to the hospitality of the Brindle and Blonde to easily experience the best Halloween adventures the Naples area has to offer. With its cozy farmhouse feel and luxurious, modern amenities, you really can have it all at the Brindle and Blonde — even picturesque views of Canandaigua Lake and the scenic colors of the rolling Bristol Hills.  

Walk with the Ghosts 

From haunted hayrides to spooky ghost walks and more, the Finger Lakes region features plenty of opportunities to scare your socks off. With events year round, but especially spooky ones through the months of September and October, The Haunted History Trail leads events like ghost walks, paranormal investigations, and cemetery tours. 

Stay at Sutherland House Bed and Breakfast, nestled on a serene 5 acres that provides plenty of elbow room along with its relaxing, restored Victorian aesthetic. Fall makes the perfect time to sit by the roaring parlor fire as the temperatures drop, and thoughtful additions like round-the-clock beverages are always there to warm you up, along with delicious snacks to fortify your next adventure. 

Tag us at @flbba on Instagram if you visit any of our favorite Halloween Finger Lakes destinations! Let the Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfast Association guide you to the perfect fall stay. While we have highlighted a few excellent options above, FLBBA boasts a comprehensive list of independent inns across the Finger Lakes. The members of FLBBA abide by a list of high standards set by the organization, so you can confidently plan the perfect getaway today.


Finger Lakes Fall Favorites

If you like the Finger Lakes in the summer, there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love with it in the autumn. 

As the weather turns and the days shorten, the Finger Lakes region comes alive in a whole new way that many visitors overlook. From delicious local produce at its peak, to vibrant vistas and perfect places to cozy up as the temperatures cool, it’s easy to see why the people who know make an annual tradition of experiencing fall in the Finger Lakes. 

Now is the perfect time to start planning that perfect autumn weekend getaway to see the colors, pick your own apples for an unforgettable pie, or sample some of the expertly crafted wines and delicious food the area has to offer. 

See the Colors at their Peak

Typically, the first two weeks of October offer the most idyllic chances to see the colors come out as summer turns to fall. While winter’s chill has settled in the air, and the sun is still warm enough to keep things pleasant, it’s easy to see why catching this part of the world in its fall transition is a must. Whether you plan to take a scenic bike ride, drive through the countryside, or take a fall Finger Lakes hike through the many parks and trails, there are just about as many ways to see the leaves turn as there are personalities. For a memorable peak at the turning leaves, take a Sky Ride at Bristol Mountain, which offers a unique aerial view of the spectacular fall colors from Bristol Mountain’s chair lifts. 

Find your fall headquarters at the 1795 Acorn Inn Bed and Breakfast, a relaxing getaway that offers the perfect blend of away-from-it-all serenity with easy proximity to world-class dining and diverting entertainment options. The Acorn Inn’s luxurious amenities and easy charm have earned it AAA’s Four-Diamond Award recipient for 25 consecutive years.

Finger Lakes Fall Festivals 

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, smells, and flavors of the season at one of the Finger Lakes region’s many fall festivals. Local wineries like the Deer Run Winery   and Lucas Vineyards host German-inspired Oktoberfests each September, complete with lively live music and featuring the finest local foods, wines, and beers available to sample. 

The Naples Grape Festival is another can’t miss fall activity in the Finger Lakes. Held annually in September, the community of Naples celebrates all things wine and grapes with parades, grape stomping, spectacular local food and beverages, and the crowd favorite Grape Pie Contest. 

Cozy up at The Country Comforts Bed and Breakfast to experience true Finger Lakes hospitality. Enjoy the charm of this updated 1850s home with its signature themed rooms and relaxed, country warmth. Savor the farm-fresh eggs in hot, fresh country breakfast served up each morning. Taste the very best locally-sourced ingredients for a memorable, hearty start to each day. A quick 20 minute drive to Naples makes this a great way to enjoy the fall activities the area has to offer, while enjoying the quiet relaxation of a country stay. 

Pick your Favorite Fall Finds 

From pumpkins and plums to apples and brussel sprouts, and all the seasonal produce in between, there’s a Finger Lakes farm you can find to pick your own favorites. Sample just-ripe apples from the tree to find your favorite flavor, and taste ciders, donuts, and more inspired by the cozy fall flavors at u-pick farms like Reisinger’s Apple Country or  Indian Creek Farm.  

Fall is also grape harvest season, which means you’ll have lots of opportunities to pick your own grapes and sample the many varieties of wine they’ll later be made into. If DIY isn’t your style, you can relax with a nice glass on a patio and watch the harvesting at work — this is also prime time to see the first of the season grape crushings. Treleaven Wine’s Harvest Festival is an especially ideal place to see the wine making process in action. 

For the full orchard experience, stay at The South Glenora Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast. This peaceful barn-inspired Bed and Breakfast is nestled in the heart of some of the richest Finger Lakes growing areas, so you can easily access farms and orchards to pick everything from plums, pears, apples, pumpkins, and more.

Tag us at @flbba on Instagram if you visit any of our favorite fall Finger Lakes destinations! Let the Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfast Association guide you to the perfect fall stay. While we have highlighted a few excellent options above, FLBBA boasts a comprehensive list of independent inns across the Finger Lakes. The members of FLBBA abide by a list of high standards set by the organization, so you can confidently plan the perfect getaway today.