Benefits of BookDirect Everywhere

Book Direct Everywhere Summary of Features and Benefits

New subscription-based program with no contracts or minimum terms for members

  • Eliminate extra dues and no association costs
  • Integrates with any website
  • Pay once to display your listing on all participating associations to which you are a member
  • Association does not have a contract to sign either
  • Optional program and members can cancel their subscription at any time
  • Provided as a service to the industry to help meet customer expectations in the online purchase journey
  • Members are individually billed and again, there is no mandate to participate
  • Code is provided for free to add widgets and links on your existing website
  • You do not need an association membership to join the network
  • The more associations you belong to the greater the benefit
  • Additional SEO links that reinforce transactions
  • No set up to create or manage your listing–it integrates with your reservation system
  • Easy customer service with account management through ODYSYS