Spring into Summer in the Finger Lakes

It may not feel like it in many parts of the country, but summer is coming, and with it a whole lot of opportunity to make up for lost pandemic vacation time. Whether you’re looking forward to celebrating gatherings as a family, like graduations or weddings, attending a concert, or just looking for a unique change of scenery — now is the time to start thinking about your spring and summer Finger Lakes getaway plans.

Spring, and Summer, is Back

And we’re more than ready for it.

Take advantage of the re-opening and restriction-easing by planning for some ultimate summer fun in the Finger Lakes. If you’ve missed out on things like Finger Lakes boat cruises at sunset or hot air balloon rides in the quiet dawn, the Finger Lakes are the place to plan some time. Itching to get out and about? Catch a dramatic theater performance! Or snag concert seats for the live entertainment you’ve been missing in historic, scenic places like the Fort Hill Theater or the Geneva Opera House.

Finger Lakes wine tasting and tours, like the Canandaigua Lake Wine Trail, get you a first class ticket to savor the tastes of the country. Or get out for a rugged hike in McCarthy Hill State Forest with some breathtaking views and follow it up with a great meal — it’s all here and waiting for you! And the best time to get it planned is now.

Enjoy the one-of-a-kind charm of Canandaigua Cobblestone Cottage as you soak in the view from the expansive front porch before you settle in for a gourmet, 3-course breakfast. In the heart of Canandaigua, you’ll find yourself in the center of it all, while feeling totally transported by the lake views, hometown hospitality, and luxury amenities.

Plan Ahead for Perks

Have a special event coming up that had to be postponed or pushed back? The Finger Lakes is a perfect, memorable choice to host all kinds of celebratory gatherings, and March is the best time to make arrangements. The best part? Planners get rewarded — when you book early for dates from June through September, or call ahead at any of our local Finger Lakes Bed and Breakfasts, you just might find unique deals and special offers at each property to make your event even more sweet.

In addition, if you have a large enough group to accommodate, you’ll be able to take advantage of group discounts for renting the whole property while enjoying the place all to yourselves.

Book your stay at the Sutherland House Victorian Bed and Breakfast to enjoy the serene views of the 5 acre property and totally escape in its historic charm filled with cozy fireplaces and whirlpool tubs. Accommodate an intimate wedding party, a charming reception, or any other small gathering in this totally unique and memorable setting.

Relax and Enjoy

One of the truly great and unique things about staying at a Bed and Breakfast is, well, the breakfast! In addition to staying in some charming locations with access to some of the best innkeepers with the keenest local insights around, you’ll be able to fully relax when you wake up without any obligations or hassle to get to a delicious meal.

Starting your day off on the right foot – A hot, delicious breakfast is a welcome chance to sit down with friends and family without the conversation about where to go for food or coffee. And with that early morning obstacle serenely out of the way, you can catch up, fuel up, and put together a one-of-a-kind fun for all day that’ll have everyone on the ready.

Enjoy a memorable and delicious breakfast at Juniper Hill Bed and Breakfast. Set in a historic 1920s mansion, Juniper Hills doubles as an art gallery in between its luxurious, modern accommodations. You’ll also find yourself walking distance to eclectic shopping and dining in the charming village of Trumansburg.

And if you can’t wait until summer, absolutely no one will blame you. You can still earn some of the great plan-ahead deals when you book your Finger Lakes stay for dates in the spring, or you know, tomorrow.

Tag us at @flbba on Instagram if you visit any of our favorite Finger Lakes spots! Let the Finger Lakes Bed & Breakfast Association guide you to the perfect summer or spring retreat. While we have highlighted a few excellent options above, FLBBA boasts a comprehensive list of independent inns across the Finger Lakes. The members of FLBBA abide by a list of high standards set by the organization, so you can confidently plan the perfect getaway today.